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About Us - FEG in AMERICA

We are fiduciary agents and work in the best interest of our customers.   We gained  the respect and support of a number of successful corporations. We have chosen, as our partners, some of the world's most distinguished and  innovative industry leaders. These financial companies share our core  values and strive for creating state of the art products that transform  people's lives, just as we do. 

Career Opportunity with FEG

FEG Career Opportunity

Every one of us wants a better life for ourselves and for our loved ones. We  all want to help others. Many of us will go through life and feel like  opportunity never knocked on our door. Here now is an opportunity,  knocking. The ball is in your court. Are you ready to live the life you  and your loved ones deserve? Take a look at what FEG has to offer... We  care about our clients and will always do right by them and you can be  part of the team that works for them... bettering your life in the  process. 

Agent Training and Mentorship

Our organization offers a lucrative career opportunity. The core of what we do is educate people on the importance of Living Benefits life insurance and Tax-Deferred Income strategies. We offer comprehensive life planning, income replacement, deferred tax strategies, executive bonus plans and employee group life.

While no specific sales experience is necessary, prior exposure to commissioned sales, customer service, marketing, and other entrepreneurial experience are preferred. Our training program will provide you the tools to help you succeed.